Tanner's Bed & Biscuit Inc - Dog Daycare & Overnight Boarding
Great staff, great pricing and very accommodating. Called to for an overnight stay for our (first time ever) and they explained everything we needed. Very convenient despite the distance from our . Our sheltie loved it there and seemed like he did not want to leave.
Love, love, LOVE Tanner's!
My mom found this place when she was considering adopting an epileptic American Mastiff puppy (now named Brody); we wouldn't have been able to adopt him if there wasn't someone to watch him during the day.  She contacted Tanner's, who agreed to watch him (after a temperament test, of course) and were considerate of his unique needs.
Brody LOVES Tanner's and all of the dogs there.  He has really blossomed from a dog who was pretty apathetic in general to a puppy who looks you in the eye and loves to interact with all kinds of dogs and people. 
The staff are great - you can tell that they TRULY LOVE what they do! The owner has 5 dogs (all rescues, I've been told) and is super friendly. Actually, everyone is very friendly! 
I recently moved back in the area and have brought my own small dog, Daisy, to Tanner's.  I adopted her less than a year ago, and it was clear she wasn't properly socialized in her last home(s).  Now she loves being around the other dogs, but especially the staff (she follows them around).  I love that she can interact with other dogs all day, and she's pretty tuckered out when I pick her up.
Tanner's also has services, like boarding (with daycare included), bathing, and they are now bringing in a groomer.
I also love that they're not a franchise.  Support your local businesses, McHenry county!  I HIGHLY recommend them to other dog parents in the area!
Jennifer P.
I have tried many, many daycare and boarders in the area and after reading about Tanner's on yelp, I took my 2 year old schnoodle, Taz, here while we went away for the weekend.  We brought him in for a playdate beforehand so that he could get comfy with the set up.  He was reluctant to go in at first (totally expected), but by the time I picked him up a few hours later, he had played all day, made friends and followed around the staff as if he really belonged!  We left him for the weekend and found he was happy and totally ready for bed when we picked him up.  The place is clean, staff is friendly and really seems to care about their 4 legged clients.  I love that Tazzie gets to play and hang out with others instead of being crated all day.  We recently left him again for another weekend and this time, Taz walked right into the place without any hesitation at all.  He walked straight to the door that leads him to the outdoor play area and was ready to get active!  Pricing is great, give them a try. Your pooch will be happy you did if they crave interaction like my dog does.
Gina G.
Wonderful place for your dog to stay overnight and during the day. They have lots of access to the outdoors, playtime and daily naps. My dog just loves it!
Very nice people who run it , owner is a real dog lover, very clean and organized, I have a very comfortable feeling leaving my very nervous dog there she's a stray and the owner/dog handlers go out of there way to make her feel comfortable, very reasonable rates, I am so glad I found it....
Lucy's Mom
I brought home a nine week old puppy and in less then 24 hours, I found out that I got more then a new puppy, ( FLEAS ) ! I called Tanners at 8:00 AM, They said to bring the baby in, and they would take care of me right away. Super sweet people!! My puppy was back home with me in less then an hour. You are the best!!!!!!
Paulette Sassano
We took our 2 dogs to Tanner's for boarding and it was wonderful. I was more nervous than the dogs and the people we so kind and reassuring. They let us know how the dogs were, what other dogs they played with, etc. I would highly recommend it! I just wish Tanner's was closer to my home so it would be easy to bring my dogs there for day care!!
This is an excellent kennel. We have used three times so far and have been very pleased.
Eddie loves coming to stay at Tanner's! Nice, clean facility where the dogs are well taken care of and get to play all day. Very affordable and excellent service.
Eddie's Mom
Very Helpful. Found two stray dogs and didn't know what to do. I always pass Tanners on the way to work and thought I would start with them for help. The Gentleman a the front desk was very nice and concerned. He gave me a towel for my very messy car (because the dogs were very wet and muddy and when I went back to my car one of them was sitting in my driver's seat) and two leashes. A customer dropping off her pets recommend I next go to Riverside Animal Clinic to scan them for chips. They were not chipped but I am told the owner has been found and a happy ending for all.
Brenda R.
Very happy with them. My dog stayed from Friday morning till Sunday afternoon Other places would have charged me for three days, But they only charge by the night. plus it was 50% off for first time customers So it only cost $30. They let the dogs run free and play with each other so Marley was very tired when we came to get him. other places wanted to keep him locked in a cage for three days.